The Center for the Esoteric Arts

Using Science to Understand  the Mystical


About The Director

Rev. Dr.Terry Trueblood serves as Director of the Center for the Esoteric Arts.  Terry obtained his Ph.D. in Mystical Research and has had many achievements in life, to numerous to list.  As trainer, conference speaker, author and  an honoree with a Life Time Achievement Award in 2012 from the International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists. Terry is a  certified Metaphysical  practitioner. Terry brings a wealth of grounded, instructorial experience to the stage. Terry is an accomplished spiritual intercessor,  healer and minister and maintains his Christian heritage. Naturally gifted, beyond most practitioners, Terry provides leadership in the greater metaphysical community, as a  mystic, mentor, master hypnotist and regression specialist. Education in the spiritual field of metaphysics is a passion of his. Come experience the magic.

Dr. Terry Trueblood Ph.D.

  • Master Hypnotist         Regressionist           Dream Interpreter        

  • Reiki Master     Tuning Fork Practitioner       Metaphysical Minister

Dream Interpretation is a key component to healing in many cases.

Terry is the “go-to” guy for healers who need assistance in their practice, providing a kind of “reset button” for those healers in need. Come enjoy his extensive background in all things mystical. He is the man to see to shed light on questions you have been holding for years.

Why Choose Us

We couple Advanced Hypnosis with a unique blend of intuitive services like Reiki integration, spiritual intercession, mediumship, structural clearing and investigations, instructional group presentations, and stage hypnosis services.

With Focused Meditation comes answers.......

Spiritual Equivalocity (C)  Received as a Meditative message

Spiritual Equivalocity is bringing one's thoughts into synchronized balance or harmony with the universe/God by aligning human vibration with equal speed and direction with that of God resulting in harmony, healing, miracles, and oneness. All projected thought, if manifested and directed with "Spiritual Equivalocity," shall produce the desired result, thus demonstrating the balance and harmony of God and his creations.