The Center for the Esoteric Arts

Using Science to Understand  the Mystical


Hypnosis / Clergy duties / Spiritual Counseling / Education / Paranormal / Reiki

Our mission is to provide training for new and seasoned practitioners of all metaphysical modalities, through seminars, on site classes, speaking engagements and hands on sessions. We will seek to improve the understanding of the ancient mysteries and their application to people today. Research and application of various methods creates new thought and skills.

What do we study: Theology, Reiki, Prayer work, Quantum physics, Ghosts, Angels, Auras, Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Healing, Energy

"Finding yourself changes everything" Terry Trueblood (c)

Meditation training
Attend  Reiki classes
Learn about the hidden world beyond the veil

Our  Professional Associations

Membership in the  (AHA) American Hypnosis Association.  Membership is the Association for Research and Enlightenment (Edgar Casey group). Chikara Reiki Do. Member of the International Reiki Healing Association. Certified Practitioner of Metaphysical Sciences. International Metaphysical Ministry. Membership in the (AMDA) American Metaphysical Doctors Association.